A supervised-activity like no other, Bring The Game Over brings back the social side of gaming. It's the perfect idea for a party, wedding or event.

Our state of the art gaming van has been customised to give a completely immersive experience from the moment you step in.

We have all of the most current and powerful games consoles with a huge library of the most popular and up to date game titles. We also store a massive selection of the great classic and iconic games which have truly defined gaming. If you'd like to bring the game indoors or into a garden/field our Pop Up Arcade with 3 2-Players Units featuring 999 games each can be set up anywhere.


Currently due to government guidelines we can provide parties for upto 6 players at a time. To make up for the reduced amount of players from our usual 14 we’ve added our incredible Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Motion Simulator

We will increase capacity in line with further easing of restrictions.

All equipment and surfaces will be disinfected between parties, staff will wear face coverings, hand sanitiser and face masks are available for the players.

The gaming vans centrepiece is a stunning top of the range Ultra High Definition 4k TV. This gives up to 4 gamers at a time the opportunity to experience the power of true 4K gaming on the world's most powerful console.

The gaming van also has a standalone virtual reality setup to allow players to try out this new and exciting technology without forfeiting a multiplayer gaming station. The front area also has 2 extra gaming monitors and consoles incase anybody would like to play a one player game.

To the rear of the van is a high definition gaming projector beaming onto a large screen and has custom-built sound system, this creates a truly impressive cinema-style gaming experience.

This is a Gaming experience on an epic scale that’s guaranteed to amaze.

Gaming Stations

Our gaming van houses on board multiplayer gaming stations, these have been designed to give you an exciting and fun combination of modern and retro gaming. These bespoke designed gaming stations are hooked up to the latest games consoles. Players have the choice of playing the games consoles with wireless controllers and the latest games titles or try out some retro arcade style gaming. On the surface these stations look like famous arcade cabinets, complete with replica artwork, ball headed joysticks and large buttons to pound and a large selection of classic games, this all gives the gamer the feeling that they are playing in an early circa 1980s arcade.The choice of gaming type is upto the players to choose with an easy to use selector button.

High Specification

Inside our gaming stations are high specification 27-inch gaming monitors aligned with what professional gamers use in competitive gaming. Like the professionals our players can grab a controller and select to play the modern up to date game consoles, we carry multiple copies of the most popular titles to host tournaments for keen gamers.